Continue preparing your students for a new media world – Poynter

This week I spoke to a student journalist at Towson University, which is near Baltimore, about the news that the Sun was going to a nonprofit. I’m no media business expert, but I usually field the college calls that ring into Poynter. Connor and I had a nice chat about what the future holds for the Sun, in which I’m invested personally as I have a former student there (hi Nathan!) and a former colleague (hi Anne!). Also, I’m super duper interested in what the future holds for emerging journalists — as is Connor, of course. He wondered during our interview if places like Alden Global Capital should have him gloomy about his future in the media, and I told him that I sincerely suspected not. There are a lot of reasons out there to be hopeful about a future in journalism — especially in ways that defy the traditional corporate media ladder-climbing we educators may unintentionally reinforce.

See my item below about the collaboration taking place in South Carolina when one newspaper decided a different way to allocate resources. I read this week about a new nonprofit news entity in Fort Worth. Gannett is doing something interesting with advertising.

My point is that journalism students today continue to need examples of what success and entrepreneurism in the media business look like. How much do we teach our communications students about nonprofit structure