Is social media censorship legal? – The Echo News

“Star Trek is better than Star Wars.”

That’s my opinion, at least, and it’s the opinion of everyone in my house. If you try to express the opposite — and incorrect — view while you visit, you’ll have to leave.

An overreaction? Certainly. Against the spirit of free expression and discussion? Of course. Obnoxious? In the extreme. And yet, entirely within my rights. Given that both the left and right in American politics are utterly convinced that Big Tech is biased against them, this might be a good mental starting point to discuss the current controversy of online censorship and why online censors are also likely within their legal rights.

Most of us have heard of “First Amendment rights” and “free speech.” The actual ideas wrapped up in those terms, however, are far more intricate than most people credit. To start, the First Amendment — and Bill of Rights in general — doesn’t provide you with any of your essential freedoms. 

If Congress amended the Bill of Rights to strip away any mention of free speech, or Nicholas Cage decided