You’re Using Social Media All Wrong. Here’s What You Should Do Instead – Inc.

Like many business owners, I’ve worked hard over the years to leverage social media to build my network and attract potential clients and customers.

I managed to do some things well. In just a few years, I attracted over 100,000 followers, leading to some great benefits.

But as that following grew, I fell into a trap. 

I was using social media as a broadcasting tool. Mostly it was: “Here, check out something I wrote.” Or, “here’s what I think about topic X.”

The problem with this type of communication is it’s completely one way. But the true value in social media lies in in a single ability:

The ability to facilitate conversations.

You know how conversations work in the real world. We hate talking to people who love the sound of their own voice. The ones who never ask questions…or, when they do, never pay attention to the answers.

In time, I learned the best way to utilize social media is to focus on answering two questions:

  • How can I start a conversation?
  • What can I learn from that conversation?

Then, I focused on the following:

Ask more questions

Nowadays, instead of simply sharing my thoughts on a topic and hoping others will share it, I try to ask thoughtful questions. Then, when people respond, I try to keep the conversation going.

In doing so, I’ve had more thought-provoking conversations than I can count. After hearing how a topic applies